Airbus Files Patent for New Commercial Aircraft

Airbus, formerly known as the European aerospace and defense group, has filed a patent for a revolutionary commercial aircraft design. With its doughnut-like shape, the design is reminiscent of old science fiction space crafts, with a circular passenger cabin located behind the plane’s nose, and between its wings. The patent is meant to address an overarching issue among aircraft designers. The current cylindrical shape of airplanes is effective at handling the pressurized cabin, but strong reinforcements are needed at the front and rear ends of the plane to counter the stresses. This design will force other considerations including the alteration of in-flight trolleys to handle the curved isles, and redesigning the boarding/departure process. Airbus hopes to provide a simple and efficient solution that will reduce emissions, improve flight times, and better preserve energy. (Details for patent application)


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Source: Smartup Legal

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