Creepiest Thanksgiving Patent


Move over paper hand turkey! The search is finally over for the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece. With the Gourd Head, you can fill your cornucopia with some familiar faces.

This strange invention patented in 1987, gives at-home gardeners the opportunity to add a dimension of uniqueness to their yield. The apparatus/method described, would allow gardeners to mold their product into a variety of interesting shapes. According to the inventor, these include “the image of a particular person; in the shape of a different type of produce (e.g., a summer squash grown in the shape of an ear of corn); a fanciful shape such as a heart, or a bottle of pop; or other simple or even quite detailed shapes.” The inventor also mentions how the natural texture/designs of the produce can add to the artistic design of the final product.

The method is quite simple. The gardener places a mostly transparent mold over the growing fruit or vegetable to enable sunlight to still reach it. A key component is the yieldable nature of the mold, allowing it to stretch and expand with the growing produce, and a larger opening to avoid constricting the plant as it grows. For best results, the time the plant is in the mold should be minimized, meaning the reshaping should begin when the plant it just big enough to fit in the mold without being restricted by it. Usually, it will take 10-20 days for the plant to fill the mold and be ready for harvest. http://bit.ly/1yBsbEM


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Source: Smartup Legal

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