Actionable Intelligence Monitoring

Actionable Intelligence Monitoring (AIM) arms businesses and IP professionals with the capability to streamline their patent strategy and decision-making processes. AIM enables patent holders to promptly detect when their patents are relied upon by the U.S. Patent Office to reject competing patent applications. AIM pinpoints where patents block other applicants, evaluates the commercial potential of blocked technologies, and directly maps claims to competing technology. By using AIM to identify frequently cited patents in your portfolio, you will optimize the allocation of your patent prosecution resources.

Actionable Intelligence Monitoring for Patents

Claim with AIM

  1. Detect when your patents are cited under 35 U.S.C. 102 and 103.
  2. Perform blocked claim and competitor analysis.
  3. Generate directed continuation claims for your patents.

Monetize with AIM

  1. Detect when your patents are blocking other applicants from patenting their tech.
  2. Determine if blocked applicants’ tech is being commercialized.
  3. Chart your claims against the blocked applicants’ tech.

Prioritize with AIM

  1. ID which family of patents are being cited the most.
  2. Select which claims in that family are most valuable.
  3. Prioritize patent prosecution resources.

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Yuri L. Eliezer, Managing Partner
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Kevin T. Bastuba, Vice Chair of IP
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John DeStefano,
Patent Agent
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Merri Brami, Paralegal
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Elizabeth Weibush,
Firm Administrator
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Tanvi Shah, Accounting
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Leticia Rebollar,
Administrative Assistant


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