About Founders Legal

We Are Devoted to Making the Practice of Law More Efficient

This is not simply wishful thinking. Other law firms have licensed the industry-specific technology that we have built.  Using proprietary technology, innovative thinking, and dynamic work approaches, Founders Legal was built to be client-focused, efficient, and to deliver uncompromising value and outcomes.

We Are Dedicated to Meaningful Client Relationships

The best legal advice begins with an understanding of your goals and objectives. At Founders Legal, we invest our time to get to know you and your company through regular visits, cadence meetings to discuss your ongoing projects, and ongoing support for your personnel.

We Are Legal Trailblazers

Founders Legal is the future of legal services, founded in Atlanta, Georgia’s blossoming technology center. We are a tech-forward, distributed law firm that provides top-tier, integrative legal services to clients of all sizes and stages of development nationwide.

As a distributed firm, our team of legal professionals and attorneys can provide seamless and tailored legal advice no matter the location of your business. We work with various rapidly-growing companies located in top US tech hubs, including Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, Boulder, CO, Denver, CO, Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CO, Seattle, WA, Washington D.C., New York City, NY.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality legal services possible. Our team of attorneys is highly experienced and has a deep understanding of the latest technological advances.

Our Core Values

We Are Responsive & Rapid

Speed is not a word generally associated with law firms, but we understand that the reality is that speed to market can determine product success in highly competitive industries. In keeping with our overall culture, we bring a sense of dynamism to our work with clients.  Our investment in technology and analytics mean optimized processes and resources that enable real-time access to matter progress, faster speed-to-serve, and more opportunities for client collaboration.

We Are Focused On ROI

Return on Investment is not commonly associated with legal services. At Founders Legal, we look to the finish line of each engagement to ensure that our clients receive the returns that they should expect. We never do law for law’s sake- our focus is always on providing our clients with practical and effective solutions.

We Are Trustworthy & Reliable

The benefits of working with Founders Legal extend well beyond speed and cost—the predictable outcomes that clients seek. We are constantly promoting improvement by evaluation of performance—internal and external. That’s part of why our metric-driven, client-aligned approach to delivering legal services enable clients to meet and exceed their goals.