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A Promise to Our Clients

Made by our Founders:


Our team of professionals came together in 2013 over a shared vision to modernize the traditional model for providing legal services and a belief that the time had come for an industry level change. Legal services are too expensive and too slow. And most of what clients pay for is legacy overhead from an older era that professionals no longer need, and clients no longer want to pay for.

The market deserves better. 

We quickly found how great the need, and the demand, would be in the marketplace for legal services of the highest quality for business of all sizes (small, growing, and enterprise), in a more flexible, responsive and cost effective manner. Founders Legal found our mission, and our home in that space.

Establish Clear Alignment With Your Goals and Objectives,

Provide Quality Counsel and Work Product Within the Scope of Our Competency,

Be Responsive, Efficient and Cost Effective,

Strive to Exceed Your Expectations.