A Utility Patent protects the unique function and usefulness of your product. If you obtain a Utility Patent, you have the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, or importing your patented invention for a period of 20 years.


A Utility Patent gives you the exclusive right to use your innovation for 20 years.
U.S. and International patent laws are written to encourage and reward creators of new and useful innovations.
A Utility Patent is often one of the most valuable intangible assets a company or inventor may obtain.
The holder of a Utility Patent can use the patented invention (while preventing others from also using it), but also sell or license the patent rights to others and collect a royalty.
If you plan on taking your innovation into the global market, do not disclose your idea to the public before you file for a patent (you can lose your rights).
A Utility patent is difficult to obtain. The application undergoes a stringent patent examination process before the USPTO.
Patent law is highly technical and specialized. A licensed patent attorney is oftentimes essential to obtaining enforceable and defensible patent protection.




Deliverables from Licensed Patent Attorney

  • Worldwide patent and publication search
  • Detailed report outlining findings
  • Licensed Patent Attorney preparation
  • Full patentability opinion
  • Follow-up consultation


Deliverables from Licensed Patent Attorney

  • Patent Attorney representation before the USPTO
  • Unlimited consultations
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Full draft preparation, no page limits
  • Formal professionally rendered patent drawings


Deliverables from Licensed Patent Attorney

  • Patent Attorney representation in 148 countries
  • Unlimited consultations and revisions
  • Full draft preparation, no page limits
  • Formal professionally rendered patent drawings
  • 30-month window to decide on patent territories

Legally, an inventor is anyone who has contributed to the conception (not the realization) of what is claimed as the invention you wish to protect. So, if an employee conceived of Feature 4, but you only wish to Patent Features 1-3 and 5, the inventor does not need to be listed in the patent application. In general, however, it’s good practice to list everyone that has made a contribution to the conception of the invention.

For more information, see our video on Patent Rights.

Most of us like to feel that we were the first to have conceived of our great idea. Before investing the time and resources into applying for a patent, it is good to know if there are any other patents or publications disclosing something similar to your idea. Ultimately, this information will help you and your Patent Attorney decide if pursuing a patent is a good decision, or if designing around may be needed. Please note – a patent search is not the same as a clearance search.

View our Patent Search options.

When you file a non-provisional application, you have a choice of whether or not you want the application to be made available to the public for review (i.e., published). If the application is published, but you are not granted a patent, the subject matter of your application enters the public domain.

If you choose not to publish the application, and your application is not granted patent, the subject matter of your application does not enter the public domain. However, if you choose not to publish the application you and are granted a patent: 1) you are forbidden from filing international patent protection in most countries; and 2) you will only be able to collect royalties on your patent from the time of patent grant, whereas if you had opted to publish your patent application at the time of filing, you may be able to collect royalties from infringes from the date of your patent filing date.

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