Are you losing out because of overcomplicated contract negotiations?

Failure to Reach
Revenue Potential

Increased Sales Team Power

Financial and Reputational Damage

Deal Failures

Unmitigated Lawsuit Risks

At Founders Legal®
We Know How to Get Complex SAAS Deals Done

Smoother Sales

Avoid complicated legal obstacles that bog down your deal negotiations.

Reduced Legal

No more anxiety about potential lawsuits with unrestrained liabilities.

Increased Industry Reputation

Enjoy more respect as a business that is well-versed in complex contracts.

We Specialize in Optimizing Sales Contracting to Make It Practical and Efficient

Improperly structured contracting procedures can be overly complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Inefficiencies in contracting can cause deals to drag on and fail.

At Founders Legal®, we understand your frustration. As B2B entrepreneurs ourselves, we have experienced the same legal challenges that you are facing. For the last seven years, we have focused on solving these exact problems.


How We Can Help


We comprehensively review your existing agreements, legal sales processes, and escalation procedures to provide you with an efficiency assessment.


We draft and compile a suite of standard agreements that are a perfect fit for your software sales process.


We assume responsibility for negotiating and expediting your contract negotiation to get your SaaS deals closed faster.


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Let’s Get Started

1. Consult

Tell us about your obstacles.

2. Assess

Let us propose solutions.

3. Focus

We implement solutions to help you make better deals faster.

SAAS Agreements That Your Customers Will Sign

Your company excels at providing highly sophisticated software solutions and services to your customers. However, the process of negotiating contracts and closing the deal presents a different set of challenges. Aligning all stakeholders, navigating customer legal department requirements, and simply moving the deal forward can be daunting and frustrating to those unfamiliar with the process.

The experienced professionals at Founders Legal® have successfully negotiated thousands of highly complex enterprise software deals with some of the largest companies in the world. Our specialized team knows how to get deals closed quickly and efficiently— let our unique expertise help you grow your business.

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