Advanced Technology Legal Services

Our technology and innovation law group team members hold multiple professional licenses, undergraduate and advanced degrees across numerous science and technology disciplines, and have practical experience as entrepreneurs, founding and working within a wide spectrum of industries. This background informs the way each tech patent lawyer on our team works with clients. We understand first-hand how challenging it can be to navigate the legal aspects of leveraging and protecting technological innovations.Your Founders Legal technology attorney will be able to (1) assess and evaluate where your business is today, quickly grasping your technology and business model, (2) develop comprehensive strategies to protect and maximize on your innovations through patent processes, disclosure programs, training sessions, and enforcement strategies, and (3) implement plans tailored for your business, ensuring that your company continues to perform in a manner that meets the expectations of your organization and customers. Our technology industry partnerships span a range of industries and service providers, allowing us to make introductions and forge strategic connections among clients where and when appropriate.

At Founders Legal, we work with fast-growing businesses that need to leverage and protect their technological innovations and intellectual property. More than simply a technology patent law firm or a firm that merely assists with trademark protection, we offer comprehensive business and corporate law services, as well as advanced technology and licensing advice and services. As a strategic partner, we have helped thousands of businesses develop, sell, and protect their technology. When you choose a Founders Legal technology patent attorney for your company’s advanced technology needs, you can be confident you will receive accurate, reliable, and cost-effective advice tailored to your needs.

Our Lawyers Are Also Scientists, Developers, and Engineers.


  • Assessing technology and business objectives
  • Evaluating technology to identify patentable subject matter
  • Evaluating existing patent portfolio and gaps in IP protection
  • Assessing competitive landscape and opportunities for risk mitigation
  • Evaluating opportunities for development and partnering
  • Evaluating potential licensing opportunities


  • Developing comprehensive IP strategies to protect technology and innovations
  • Developing patent programs to grow and manage patent portfolios
  • Developing invention disclosure processes and programs to capture innovations
  • Developing IP training sessions and programs for inventors and staff
  • Developing IP enforcement and licensing strategy


  • Implementing global IP strategies
  • Integrating programs within client organizational structure
  • Conducting IP seminars for inventors and staff
  • Conducting invention disclosure sessions with engineers and designers
  • Implementing client feedback loops to ensure current business objective are being met


  • Engineering Firms
  • Marketing Firms
  • Investment Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Valuation Firms
  • Consulting Firms
  • Business Incubators
  • Business Accelerators
  • Mentors & Advisors

Advanced Technology Law Group

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