Patent Search Services Structured to Elevate Commercial Value

Uncover the Key to Commercializing Your Technology.

Gain insight beyond a standard patent search with services geared towards helping you successfully transition from conception to commercialization. At Founders Legal, we leverage our award-winning patent knowledge along with industry-leading resources to provide you with attuned technology insight, key landscape reporting, and custom-tailored intellectual property strategies.

Patent Search Services Structured to Elevate Commercial Value

Know Which Rights to Secure

Understand the strength of the novel features of your invention to devise a more valuable scope of patent protection.

Scope the Competitive Landscape

Identify potential competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, the overall market outlook, and your competitive advantages.

Appeal to Customers and Investors

Create and strengthen unique and valuable opportunities with the appropriate IP protection.

Gain a Strong Market Advantage

Protect the fruit of your development from contractors, competitors, IP thieves, and big corporations.

Provide a Strong Benchmark

Utilize our key insights with executive decision-makers. Companies of all sizes rely on our reports in their boardrooms.

We Offer a Variety of Professional Patent Search Services.

Patent Research | Patent Validity | Infringement Analysis | Competitive Insights | Freedom to Operate Search

Professional Insight Can Help Prevent Costly Mistakes

While a standard patent search can provide you with a basic competitive landscape, our professional patent search and experienced team of seasoned industry professionals can help you develop your innovation’s fullest potential.

Improperly Focused Protection

Inadequate Protection

Questionable Enforceability

Loss of Rights to the Public

Losing Out on Monetization

Wasting Valuable Time & Money

-Claim What Is Yours-

Free Patent Search Tool

Founders Legal® Has Collaborated With PQAI to Provide You With This Free And
Easy-To-Use Ai-Powered Tool to Conduct Your Own Prior Art Search.

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Detailed Results for a Strategic Approach

Whether your goal is to reserve your rights to an advanced technology or to turn your idea into a marketable product, our professional team of engineers will provide you an assessment of the state of the art in your field, and an understanding of where you stand in your competitive landscape.

Trusted, Responsive Professionals

You’ve invested your valuable time and energy into your innovation. Leverage our extensive network of engineers and industry knowledge to get you the information you need to identify and secure your competitive advantage. We have cultivated our reports with crucial data, key insights, and detailed visuals to guide you through your development and patent process. Our services are more than reporting, they’re strategy-centric.

Available Monday Through Friday

We understand the importance of communication. When you engage with Founders Legal® for your Intellectual Property needs, we connect you with our team for responsive, reliable communication by phone or email Monday through Friday.

Founders Legal Patent Team

Yuri L. Eliezer, Managing Partner
Yuri L. Eliezer, Managing Partner

Yuri Eliezer

Managing Partner, Intellectual Property Law

Yuri heads the Intellectual Property practice group at Founders Legal in Atlanta, Georgia.  A practice he co-founded at the Atlanta Tech Village – the nation’s fourth largest incubator.  He specializes in preparing, developing, and executing strategies for securing patents nationally and internationally. He focuses his work on developing IP portfolio of high value, and helps clients to licensing and acquisition deals to monetize on their IP rights.  He has secured patents, negotiated and executed domestic and international IP deals in the Software, Internet/Telecom, Computer, Electrical, and Medical Device fields. His team also prosecutes patents in the Mechanical, Aerospace, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical industries.

Merri D. Brami


Gregory Gurshman

Special Counsel, Former USPTO Examiner



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