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“Whenever I have a trademark legal problem, Zach Eyster is the first name that comes to mind. He is hardworking, thoughtful and pragmatic. His subject matter expertise is fantastic. He is able to help my clients in some of the stickiest of situations. Keep up the great work!”


Founder, Kaplan Legal Services, LLC

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“I am so happy I decided to ignore the lawyers are awful mantra. These guys truly rock and they look out for my own concerns and advise accordingly. I would be completely lost without them, I look forward to having this firm with me for as long as I own my business. Zach, Kelsey and the rest of the staff are amazing.”


Founder, Handyman Can Builders LLC


Founders Legal provides a range of trademark services designed to help innovative businesses of all sizes protect their proprietary brands, as well as the products and services those businesses provide to their clients.

Our trademark legal services include USPTO trademark search services designed to identify whether the mark(s) you want to use, or substantially similar marks, are already in use; application and U.S. trademark filing services; and international trademark registration so businesses can expand to new markets knowing their trademarks are secure.

Our skilled trademark attorneys also represent clients in trademark dispute resolution; proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board; and other enforcement actions when another person or entity is infringing on clients’ protected marks. We also defend companies against trademark infringement claims.

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License to Use Trademark Approved

Whether you need trademark registration service for your new company or a new product, or you have concerns that another organization is using your protected trademarks, Founders Legal is the smart choice.

Formed in 2014 with a goal of modernizing the way innovative businesses and entrepreneurs obtain legal services, Founders Legal has helped thousands of businesses mitigate their legal risks and protect the intellectual property they’ve worked hard to create and build. As a boutique law firm, we pride ourselves on being nimble and responsive, providing cost-effective legal services you can trust. In addition to legal services for trademarks and patents, we also offer legal advice and services related to data privacy, technology, and general business and corporate legal support.

  • Avoid Trademark infringement.
  • Find out if someone is using the name you want to use.
  • Your names and logos are your assets – secure them today!
  • Claim and protect your brand throughout the United States.
  • Expand protection for your brands internationally.
  • Register your brand in other countries before doing business there.
  • Protect and enforce your brand’s exclusive rights.
  • Defend your business against undeserved infringement claims.
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Speak with an experienced Intellectual Property Attorney regarding your specific Trademark needs.

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Stay informed with the latest in trademark law and intellectual property trends tailored to help you stay one step ahead.

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Consult with one of our experienced Intellectual Property Attorneys regarding your specific Trademark needs.

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