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As innovators in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry, Yuri & Founders Legal were great partners as we envisioned what the future would look like. While pioneering our niche at PrizePicks, we believed it would eventually become a competitive category while submitting our International Utility Patent in 2019, and by 2023, we were absolutely correct. With the space becoming more & more competitive by the year, our utility & design patents will grow in significance. We are eternally appreciative of the time the Founders Legal team spent with us to get it right as well as the time & conviction they had to see it through!

Adam Wexler - CEO & Co-Founder


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The team is incredibly knowledgeable about the nuances of starting a company and has been pivotal in helping us make the right decisions.

Sheffie Robinson - CEO

Kneezly LLC

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I simply could not have asked for a better intellectual property law firm. I’ve been using Founders Legal for both my Patent and Trademark needs, and they have consistently exceeded my expectations. I can focus on starting and growing my new business while knowing the legal side of things are being taken care of by a very experienced and talented team. Communication is open and collaborative, their work is very thorough and of very high quality, and they really know how to make you feel like a valued client – especially new entrepreneurs like myself. They’ll go above and beyond to help your business succeed.

Thomas Capra - Founder & CEO
Kneezly LLC

Singular Sound

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Yuri and the team are very knowledgeable, hard-working and honest. They give excellent legal advice and look out for their clients’ long term interests even if it means suggesting less money spent on legal services

David Packouz - CEO
Singular Sound

Try Mining

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Great Lawyers, not only helped us with obtaining a patent but also expanded our idea to make the patent even more valuable!

Mikhail Avady - CEO
Try Mining


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Excellent law firm – enjoyed the process of working with Yuri and team on our IP strategy and execution. Would work with them time and time again!

Bogdan Constantin - Founder & CEO

Go Global Law

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I used this firm on many occasions, and I have sent them several clients who were super thank full for their great service. I will continue to use them in the future.

Michael Gorinshteyn - Attorney
Go Global Law (Gorinshteyn Global, LLC)


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The team at Founders Legal has helped me with all of my patent and trademark work since 2015. When I developed my last product WindPouch they took care of all of my patents and trademarks as well as helping to organize a team to defend it when needed. Yuri and Andrei are great and its been a pleasure working with them.

George Yu - Founder & Chief Executive Officer
WindPouch | featured on Shark Tank Season 8



Founders Legal is THE best legal firm in Atlanta. They work closely with their clients to provide excellent customer experience and ensure they understand and are comfortable with the legal process. I work with many startups and enterprises and I ALWAYS recommend Founders Legal. They’re simply the best in Atlanta because they care about you and your success.

Ricky Hunter - Education Director
The Farm Accelerator, powered by Boomtown


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I have been working with Founders legal since 2017. Yuri has always provided me with guidance on all technical endeavors and general questions. He has gone above and beyond at times to answer “one off” questions for me in particular scenarios. He is one of the few counsels who are relational rather than purely transactional. That is a breath of fresh air. Highly recommend them.

Joey Harris - CEO

The Atlanta Blockchain

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I have had a lot of success working with Founders Legal over the last couple years. Special thanks to Yuri and David for providing great service.

Michael Tidwell - Founder
The Atlanta Blockchain



We’ve used Founders Legal for years to execute innovative strategies to support the complex legal needs of our global, technology-driven organization. We worked together to develop advanced solutions for some of our most complicated initiatives, spanning intellectual property, corporate law, employment & labor, privacy compliance, licensing, and acquisitions.

Murad Mordukhay - CEO

Bob Scales

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My experience with Zach was phenomenal. I brought him an infringement issue. He outlined the various plays from end to end and thoroughly explained the pros and cons. We mapped out a strategy and he executed. His approach was professional and aggressive. He prevailed and followed up to ensure compliance. What a great experience for a problem I thought was going to turn into a prolonged ordeal. Very competent and focused guy. Absolutely no reservations in recommending Zach to anyone.

Bob Scales - Managing Director
CodeFi Solutions

Ryan S. Pereus

You’d think Zach has a whole crew working only for him because his timeliness is impeccable. We have needed help countless times where responsiveness was crucial, and Zach was always there to help us as we needed it. His quality of work matches his pace as well. His passion for answers and finding the best solution is clear in his approach. I recommend Zach. My only request is to leave a little bit of his time for us!

Ryan S. Pereus - CEO & Founder
Superhuman Prospecting

Dhanur Sapolia

I HIGHLY recommend Zach to anyone in my network. He has helped me demystify branding and trademark law to an extent I did not think was possible. He is an expert in what he does and is a pleasure to work with. Check him out if you’re looking for someone to help you with growing/refine the legal arm of your business!

Dhanur Sapolia - Co-founder
Audiographies, LLC

David Pierce Testimonial

David Pierce was incredibly helpful. He answered all my questions on trademarks in detail and was very thorough. He even provided advice for common trademark selection mistakes to avoid and offered some really helpful tips on what works best. Thank you very much David!

Ricky Hunter

Founders Legal is THE best legal firm in Atlanta. They work closely with their clients to provide excellent customer experience and ensure they understand and are comfortable with the legal process. I work with many startups and enterprises and I ALWAYS recommend Founders Legal. They’re simply the best in Atlanta because they care about you and your success.

Glory Francke

Some colleagues are great because they deliver top quality work products, some are great because they bring fun, positive, energy to the workplace. The best colleagues—like Zach—fit into both categories. Working with Zach at Elastic was a professional and personal pleasure. I hope to work with him again and congratulate anyone else who gets the chance to!

Glory Francke - Senior Privacy Counsel
Zoom Video Communications

Andrew Cooper

Zach Eyster is one of the most capable, determined, creative, and trustworthy lawyers with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. Over the years I’ve come to trust his judgment implicitly in matters large and small. Zach has been entrusted with some of my most complex and important commercial matters. In each and every case, he has produced favorable results far beyond expectations. He is as kind-hearted as he is resolute in advancing the interests of his clients. For these reasons, I do not hesitate to offer my highest recommendation of his legal practice.

Andrew Cooper - Vice President, Head of Legal
UPS Airlines