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Founders Legal® Patent Performance Overview

Patent Advisor Efficiency Score™

Founders Legal

Prosecution Efficiency

According to LexisNexis, Founders Legal has a PatentAdvisor Efficiency Score™ of 67.4, indicating that we bring applications to resolution (issuance or abandonment) significantly more quickly than average.
The vast majority of firms fall within the 40-60 range.

Filing Performance

Founders Legal® particularly excels where other firms struggle in USPTO workgroups 3620, 3680, and 3690.

Patent Prosecution Top Performers

At Founders Legal®, we treat every client and patent application with the utmost importance and dedication. Our patent team takes the time to understand your invention and craft a strong patent application that will withstand the scrutiny of the USPTO.

The following compares Founders Legal’s historical performance against the top filers in those technology areas, in terms of both effectiveness (the y-axis) and efficiency (the x-axis).

Filing Options for Faster, Better Results

We provide a variety of filing options to help expedite your patent prosecution and enhance your scope of IP protection. Services to consider:
1) Accelerated Prosecution
2) Design Patents.

Overall USPTO Allowance Rate:

Founders Legal

Technology Center 3600:

Overall USPTO Allowance Rate:

Founders Legal

Technology Center 1600:

Overall USPTO Allowance Rate:

Founders Legal

Technology Center 1700:

Overall USPTO Allowance Rate:

Founders Legal

How Can We Assist?

Patent Services

Free, AI-powered Patent Search Tool. You can now run your own free, confidential preliminary patent search and generate a custom report of the results. No commitments or limitations!

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Regardless of your industry focus or the size of your company, you deserve reliable, cost-effective, and personalized legal assistance and representation for protecting your intellectual property. At Founders Legal, we understand the effort you put into innovations for your organization and securing patents is of the utmost importance.

We are committed to minimizing potential legal obstacles that come with innovation and business operations. We have helped thousands of clients across the country manage their companies’ legal needs in an efficient manner, without compromising quality in the process. Whether you need help with a patent search, are looking for a cost-effective patent registration service or simply need legal guidance related to patents, choose Founders Legal.

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