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Trademarks, Intellectual Property Law, Litigation
Zach Eyster, Attorney and Partner at Founders Legal





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Domestic & International Trademark Prosecution and Portfolio Management
Contentious Intellectual Property Matters, Including Trademark Litigation
Licensing & Co-branding Agreements
Software & SaaS Commercial Agreements
Copyright & General IP Counsel


Zach’s core practice is to help clients protect and grow the value of their most important brand assets.

Zach takes a very practical approach to this work. He does not spend any resource, whether it is a client’s money or good will in a negotiation, without a clear idea of how it will pay off in the day to day operation of the business. It is always tempting to be distracted by colorful but highly unlikely scenarios during negotiation or when planning a brand strategy. Zach trains his and his clients’ focus on the most relevant, profitable, and protective positions to take, and he fights for them with great energy and enthusiasm.

Zach’s experience in trademark, brand, licensing, and technology runs deep, as he has operated within these very specialized, niche areas of practice over the course of his entire legal career.

Having accrued significant experience before the USPTO and Trademark Trial & Appeal Board, and in the day-to-day protection and growth of clients’ IP assets, he is well-prepared to counsel on the most efficient, cost-effective, and investment-worthy courses of action with clients at all stages of growth and maturity.

Emory Law School, 2014
with honors, Robert W. Woodruff Fellow
Supreme Court of Georgia
Northern District of Georgia


Served as trademark counsel for Fortune 50-level transportation and logistics company based out of Atlanta, GA.
Counsel for sports and entertainment media entity on domestic and international brand strategy.
Served large health and fitness company in potentially contentious co-branding and
licensing dispute with major apparel brand.
Assisted numerous early and mid-stage startups in fashion and luxury goods, personal care products, technology and entertainment industries with securing and expanding intellectual property assets and scopes of legal protection.
Andrew Cooper
Vice President, Head of Legal, UPS Airlines

Zach Eyster is one of the most capable, determined, creative, and trustworthy lawyers with whom I have ever had the pleasure to work. Over the years I’ve come to trust his judgment implicitly in matters large and small. Zach has been entrusted with some of my most complex and important commercial matters. In each and every case, he has produced favorable results far beyond expectations. He is as kind-hearted as he is resolute in advancing the interests of his clients. For these reasons, I do not hesitate to offer my highest recommendation of his legal practice.

Glory Francke
Senior Privacy Counsel, Zoom Video Communications

Some colleagues are great because they deliver top quality work products, some are great because they bring fun, positive, energy to the workplace. The best colleagues—like Zach—fit into both categories. Working with Zach at Elastic was a professional and personal pleasure. I hope to work with him again and congratulate anyone else who gets the chance to!

Dhanur Sapolia
Co-founder, Audiographies, LLC

I HIGHLY recommend Zach to anyone in my network. He has helped me demystify branding and trademark law to an extent I did not think was possible. He is an expert in what he does and is a pleasure to work with. Check him out if you’re looking for someone to help you with growing/refine the legal arm of your business!

Ryan S. Pereus
CEO & Founder, Superhuman Prospecting

You’d think Zach has a whole crew working only for him because his timeliness is impeccable. We have needed help countless times where responsiveness was crucial, and Zach was always there to help us as we needed it. His quality of work matches his pace as well. His passion for answers and finding the best solution is clear in his approach. I recommend Zach. My only request is to leave a little bit of his time for us!

Logo Zach Eyster Testimonial : Bob Scales
Bob Scales
Managing Director, CodeFi Solutions

My experience with Zach was phenomenal. I brought him an infringement issue. He outlined the various plays from end to end and thoroughly explained the pros and cons. We mapped out a strategy and he executed. His approach was professional and aggressive. He prevailed and followed up to ensure compliance. What a great experience for a problem I thought was going to turn into a prolonged ordeal. Very competent and focused guy. Absolutely no reservations in recommending Zach to anyone.

Dr. Angela Jean-Louis
Founder/CEO, Leadership Concepts Institute, LLC

I have been nothing but pleased with Zach. He is easy to work with, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. The first time I worked with Zach was when my application was denied. He promised me that he would fight hard to win my appeal. And fight (and win) he did!  He understood obtaining that trademark would allow me to put my program on the market at the right time for optimal monetary benefit. I am extremely satisfied with Zach’s work. He is a much needed part of my business’s legal team.


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