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Leveraging Intellectual Property Holding Companies to Protect and Exploit your IP Assets

Many software and product companies, whether through licensing or commercialization of intellectual property products and services, are being built predominantly upon their intellectual property. Moreover, intellectual property plays a fundamental role in companies’ investment decisions. Intellectual property can be used as collateral to obtain financing, for valuation purposes in an equity offering, and can be the impetus for a merger or acquisition.


Design Patents: Strengthening your IP Portfolio with Design Protections

The General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”), promulgated by the European Commission, was adopted in April 2016 and became effective in May 2018. Last year, we provided an update discussing the second-year benefits for companies and trends for the US following the enactment of the GDPR.

This year, we will take a look at current EU-US compliance issues, and US regulations following the adoption of GDPR.