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Software Development Kit For Image Processing

US PAT. NO. 11698822-B2

Invention Overview:

In the fast-paced world of technology, every now and then, a breakthrough comes along that changes the game. This time, it’s Snap Inc., the tech giant known for its innovative spirit, that’s making waves. On July 11, 2023, Snap Inc. published a patent that could revolutionize the way we interact with our digital world. The patent, titled “Software Development Kit For Image Processing,” is like a magic wand for developers, opening up a world of possibilities in image processing and augmented reality.

So, what’s the big deal about this patent? Imagine being able to transform the images you capture with your camera in real-time, adding layers of digital magic to enhance your photos and videos. That’s exactly what this new technology promises. At the heart of this invention is a special toolkit for developers, known as a Software Development Kit (SDK). This SDK is like a digital toolbox, packed with tools that allow third-party software on your device to interact with your camera in new and exciting ways.

The magic happens when the SDK receives instructions from the software on your device. These instructions are then translated into a language that the camera understands, allowing it to process images in a whole new way. This could mean adding special effects to your videos, enhancing the colors in your photos, or even creating augmented reality experiences where digital objects appear in your real-world environment. But that’s not all. The patent also describes a range of components that can be included in a device to make this magic happen. These include various input and output components that can capture and process information, from touch inputs to biometric sensors that can detect facial expressions and body gestures.

One of the most exciting aspects of this patent is the potential for camera innovation. The patent describes a device equipped with front and rear cameras that can capture images and videos, which can then be enhanced with digital effects. Imagine taking a selfie and being able to add fun filters or effects in real-time, or capturing a video and adding digital objects that interact with the real world. In a nutshell, this patent is a glimpse into the future of image processing and augmented reality. It’s a testament to the innovative spirit of Snap Inc. and a game-changer for developers and users alike.

A modular image processing SDK comprises an API to receive API calls from third party software running on a portable device including a camera. SDK logic receives and processes commands and parameters received from the API that are based on the API calls received from the third party software. An annotation system performs image processing operations on a feed from the camera based on image processing instructions and parameters received by the annotation system from the SDK logic. The image processing is based at least in part on augmented reality content generator data (or AR content generators), user input and sensor data.

Source: USPTO
Interesting Patents Snap Software Development Kit For Image Processing
Interesting Patents Snap Software Development Kit For Image Processing
Snap Inc. new patent, titled "Software Development Kit For Image Processing," is like a magic wand for developers, opening up a world of possibilities in image processing and augmented reality.


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