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Fishing Storage Device

US PAT. APPL. NO. 18/153123

Invention Overview:

In the world of fishing, innovation is the key to success. The latest patent publication from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) reveals an invention that promises to revolutionize the fishing experience. The patent application, titled “Fishing Storage Device,” was filed by Luc LeBlanc and assigned to WhyTangle LLC. The invention, is a fishing system designed to prevent the entanglement of hooks used to catch fish. This system includes a fishing rod, a container, a flute located on one end of the container, and a hollow end cap at the other end. Fasteners and tie points are located along the outside of the container, which can be formed of one or multiple sections connected by connectors.

The fishing system can be connected to a fishing rod or used as a standalone storage device. When connected to a fishing rod and used for fishing, a main fishing line extends from a fishing reel through the hollow end cap, the container, and the flute. A jig line, to which one or several hooks are connected, is attached to the free end of the main line. A weight, larger than the opening or internal diameter of the flute, is connected to the free end of the jig line. The open end of the flute, the hollow end cap, and the bore defined by the container have internal diameters larger than the width of the hooks. This design allows the hooks to move freely within the system, preventing them from getting entangled.

Once a fisher has finished fishing, the fishing line and fishing rig can be reeled into the container. The hooks move with the fishing line through the open end of the flute into the bore of the container. Further reeling in of the fishing line forces the weight against the open end of the flute. A lock mechanism integral with the reel then prevents the fishing line from unwinding and keeps the line taut inside the container. Once the hooks are reeled into the container, they are shielded from the outside environment, preventing them from becoming entangled.

The container can be formed of one or multiple sections connected temporarily or permanently together by any suitable means such as adhesive, welding, or mechanical attachment. The flute can be a separate part of the fishing system or formed integrally with the container. When the flute is a separate part, it can be temporarily or permanently connected to the container by any suitable means.

This innovative fishing storage device is a game-changer for anglers. It not only simplifies the fishing process but also enhances the overall fishing experience by eliminating the common problem of hook entanglement. With this invention, the future of fishing looks brighter and more efficient than ever before.

A fishing system includes a container having a cavity sized to pass a jig line therethrough and to store the jig line and fasteners for releasably connecting the container to a fishing rod. The fasteners are configured to secure ends of the jig line to an exterior of the container.

Source: USPTO
Interesting Patents WhyTangle Fishing Storage Device
Interesting Patents WhyTangle Fishing Storage Device
Interesting Patents WhyTangle Fishing Storage Device


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