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Video: The Enablement Requirement

VIDEO: Do I Need to Know How to Make My Idea for a Patent?

Enablement is a means of establishing that you, the applicant, have a clear conception of the innovation or subject matter of the invention. Conception is key. There is no requirement for constructing, programming, or prior use of the invention needed to demonstrate enablement. The only requirement is to establish that you conceived of the invention. There are ways to obtain the rights to the invention from someone who initially invented it like designers, developers, or engineers. To learn more about who is an inventor check out our Inventorship Video.

Interesting Patents EA

Interesting Patents: EA’s Collaborative Gaming System

Following the trend of streaming-based gaming systems, EA seeks to stand out from the crowd by offering a skill-based experience to its users. This streaming-based service allows gamers to connect to a full-featured gaming experience that is fully customizable over a variety of popular titles. With all of the computer processing taking place server-side, this removes hardware requirements for users and enables the system to act as a network connectable gaming computer.

Interesting Patents Twitter

Interesting Patents: Twitter’s Subject Matter Authorities Ranking

Twitter’s patent describes an iterative process that can be used to determine the subject matter expertise of users on a social network. User accounts are analyzed by how frequently they interact with a plurality of topic groups (TGs). As users are identified to frequently interact with multiple topic groups they are continually filtered to more specific TGs. After a certain amount of iterations, a ranking can be obtained of accounts that are an authority on the specific expertise topic.