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For Employers: How does unlimited PTO work in California?

Employees everywhere dream of how they will spend their two weeks paid vacation, and it is no secret that everyone loves their paid time off. But when it comes to more paid time off (PTO), is it really merrier? In recent years, there has been an uptick in California-based technology companies like Netflix, Oracle, LinkedIn, and Twitter, offering benefits like unlimited paid time off to their employees. As such, many companies vying for California tech talent feel pressure to offer the same. However, this growing trend of unlimited paid time off may be too good to be true for both employers and employees.

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Leveraging Intellectual Property Holding Companies to Protect and Exploit your IP Assets

Many software and product companies, whether through licensing or commercialization of intellectual property products and services, are being built predominantly upon their intellectual property. Moreover, intellectual property plays a fundamental role in companies’ investment decisions. Intellectual property can be used as collateral to obtain financing, for valuation purposes in an equity offering, and can be the impetus for a merger or acquisition.