Post-Brexit: International Data Transfers and the GDPR

As sovereign trade deals hang in the balance amid ongoing Brexit talks, Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) businesses are preparing for the end of the Brexit transition period regarding the international transfer of personal data. The transition period allows the UK to remain in both the EU customs union and single market otherwise allowing it to continue pre-Brexit until December 31, 2020 when the transition period ends, and the UK is no longer a part of the EU. When the UK ceases to be a part of the EU, international data transfer anxiety will start to kick in and be reflected in ordinary SaaS agreements.


SEC Modernizing Private Securities Offerings

The amendments adopted by the SEC should serve to lower the barrier for smaller companies to engage with investors in the private markets and to raise capital from a wider pool of investors. These amendments will also simplify future exempt offerings by eliminating certain potential pitfalls and causes for unnecessary uncertainty. The new amendments, while not seemingly groundbreaking, demonstrate that the SEC is open to continually adapting to the times to facilitate better functioning private markets and the growth of small and medium-sized businesses.