Interesting Patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants hundreds of new patents every week, showcasing the most exciting developments in technology and innovation.

In this article, we highlight several interesting US patents recently issued by the USPTO.

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Storage medium storing game program, information processing apparatus, information processing system, and game processing method


A system for controlling a game using touch input. When a user first touches the device, a reference position is captured. Subsequent user movement is then compared to the reference position and transformed into a game input. In some configurations, there can be additional touch inputs required by the game. The system then utilizes the original reference point to determine additional inputs to the touch-screen without impacting the previously received inputs.

Automated system and method for modeling the behavior of vehicles and other agents


A method for utilizing data captured by autonomous vehicles to improve object behavior models. Once identified, the sensors collect information relating to object data, object location, object behavior, and object classification. The vehicle then processes the collected data to determine how to maneuver around the object. After the object data has been collected, it is then sent to a server to update the behavior model for the identified object for all other autonomous vehicles.

Systems and methods for monitoring objects and their states by using acoustic signals


A method of utilizing passive acoustic tags to generate signals in response to monitoring objects within a smart home environment. When an object moves, the tag generates an acoustic signal. Then a device in the surrounding environment detects and correlates the signal to a tagged object. The system then notifies a user that the identified object has been moved.

Miniature, portable motion platforms for simulating flight movements


A method for changing the view of a window using multiple cameras. The first camera determines the viewpoint of a user. The second camera then utilizes that data to position itself in a second location. The image feeds from the two cameras are then combined to change the view displayed by the window. For example, buildings can be removed from the view to show the beachfront.

Polarization volume hologram lens
US Pat. No. 11,119,721


A lens structure capable of displaying holographic images. A series of layers within the lens provide different phase shifts to the light projected through the lens. The phase differences between layers create the holographic image. This system provides a compact way to integrate holographic images into a virtual display.