Interesting Patents

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants hundreds of new patents every week, showcasing the most exciting developments in technology and innovation.

In this article, we highlight several interesting US patents recently issued by the USPTO.

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Systems and methods for generating views of unmanned aerial vehicles


Discloses is a patent for viewing unmanned drones. A user selects an origin and destination and then identifies cameras along the path. The unmanned aerial vehicle is then kept in view along the path using the cameras, providing the operator a view of the drone during the flight.

Repetitive-motion activity enhancement based upon media content selection


Spotify wants to assist with your workout by analyzing your movement and providing media content corresponding to your pace. Analyzing repetitive movements of the device determine the user’s pace. Media content can be changed when a user’s pace changes. If the user hits the pause button, pace analysis will also be paused, preserving the media content selection of the most recently determined pace.

Wearable visualization device systems and methods
US PAT. NO. 11,210,772


A device for providing an augmented reality device that utilizes two display screens to reflect light to the user and provide an augmented reality experience. A camera monitors the light reflected by the user’s eyes from the first display onto the second display monitored by a camera. The image to be projected is then determined based on the data captured from the two display screens.

Information processing system and information processing apparatus that allow diversified game development, method of controlling information processing system, and information processing program in puzzle game using defensive and offensive parameters


A system for processing a puzzle game played by a plurality of users. When a user makes an appropriate offensive move, other puzzle game players will be interrupted from making any additional moves. The amount of interference to the other players is determined by parameters associated with the game element used to make the offensive move.

Enhanced automotive passive entry


Apple has been granted a patent enabling the passive entry of an automobile using a method of communication between a vehicle and a user’s mobile device. When the mobile device receives signal properties corresponding to the car, the location of the mobile phone is then determined. A machine learning model is then trained based on this data to analyze when the user is within a certain region of the car and whether the car should provide them access.

Electronic Console


This is Microsoft’s design patent for the Xbox series S. Design patents like these provide companies with the protection of their ornamental designs for 15 years.

Doorbell Camera


This doorbell camera provides a video feed including infrared illuminators, a microphone, and a speaker enabling a real-time conversation between a visitor and a remote user in control of the doorbell. The claims of this patent go into great detail about how each element is arranged to make this doorbell camera unique. Some unique features include: how the waterproof button works to the location of the LEDs in the housing. With the rise in popularity of doorbell cameras, it would appear Google seeks to ensure they acquire intellectual property in this area as well.

Flexible eyewear device with dual cameras for generating stereoscopic images


An eyewear device capable of capturing stereoscopic images. Two cameras on each side of the frame capture image data to capture the stereoscopic image. The stereoscopic image is then created from the captured image data and analyzing the position of the cameras on the head of the users. The eyewear can create a three-dimensional image corresponding to the user’s view from the collected data.

US Pat. No. 11,210,843


Disney has been granted a patent for a virtual-world simulation in a real-world environment.  The simulator includes trackers for the users of the environment. The users within the environment utilize a handheld device to assist the system in mapping the geometry of the real-world venue. The device can provide virtual effects to the surrounding environment based on the user’s interaction with the real-world environment.

Transient contextual music streaming


This method provides a music service that combines with a social media platform that analyzes the context of the user’s environment and provides them with music that is tailored to their environment. The music provided can be a music station or a playlist, but the service will contextualize the provided music service to the user’s environment.