Interesting Patents:
EA’s Collaborative Online Gaming Sytems
U.S. Patent No. 10,967,276
Assignee: Electronic Arts

About the Patent Application

Following the trend of streaming-based gaming systems, EA seeks to stand out from the crowd by offering a skill-based experience to its users. This streaming-based service allows gamers to connect to a full-featured gaming experience that is fully customizable over a variety of popular titles. With all of the computer processing taking place server-side, this removes hardware requirements for users and enables the system to act as a network connectable gaming computer. 

This EA patent claims a method of enabling a collaborative online gaming system. Users connect to a plurality of game servers based on unique user parameters. The system determines a player rating for the individual user and the plurality of users on a given server. As the user is matched with their selected game skill level category is assigned to each possible instance of the selected game. A player will be matched to an instance that best matches their individual player rating.

why This Patent Application is Interesting

Unlike other streaming platforms that focus heavily on providing single-player capabilities to their game-streaming services, this patent focuses specifically on a multiplayer system. With all users of the platform connecting to the same server network, multiplayer can be seamlessly incorporated into the gaming interface of the user. The unique way that EA’s patent brings together a multiplayer gaming environment to one server instead of a network-based game over distributed hardware demonstrates an improvement to the way multiplayer games can be offered to users at a lower hardware threshold. This will help expand the market for the gaming community and also better utilize computing resources that can be difficult to find during the current silicon chip shortage.Written by John DeStefano, Technical Advisor
April 6, 2021