Interesting Patents
TUESDAY, November 2, 2021

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants hundreds of new patents every week, showcasing the most exciting developments in technology and innovation.

In this article, we highlight several interesting US patents recently issued by the USPTO.

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International Business Machines Corporation
US Pat. No. 11,166,084


Controlling cameras for live events. The system is able to identify and prioritize objects in the viewfinder to assist camera operators in better capturing high-priority objects.

International Business Machines Corporation
US Pat. No. 11,164,291


This invention accesses a database of reference images to compare to images captured on the user’s device. When the user captures an image it is analyzed to determine what depth the image was taken at and the shape of the fish being identified.

US Pat. No. 11,165,141


The claimed invention teaches a way to incorporate an antenna into a watch band. The antenna is protected from the environment by the watchband. Further, the antenna can flex, bend, and stretch so that it is not damaged while wearing it.

US Pat. No. 11,164,343


The user is able to input brushstrokes within a defined region of an image. Based on the bounded region and a user-selected brush, the computer will then synthesize how to adapt the brushstrokes into the computer rendered image.

US Pat. No. 11,161,250


This robot is able to identify a user and detect when the user is in contact with it. When the user is in contact with it, the robot can collect user information and guide them to a specific area. For example the robot may be able to guide a user throughout a hospital or help a customer locate an item in a store.