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Interesting USPTO Patents

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Flavored Beverage Carbonation System

ASSIGNEE: SharkNinja Operating LLC
US PAT. NO. 11647860-B1

Invention Overview:

If there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s a good drink. But how we get our drinks is continuously evolving, with technology playing a major role. Now, there’s a new patented beverage system from SharkNinja that promises to change how we pour our drinks, from our homes to our favorite restaurants. The new system is all about making dispensing drinks easy and efficient. It features a special container for holding the drink, which fits neatly into a matching holder. The holder is equipped with a device that connects to the container and lets gas in. This gas pushes the liquid out of the container and into your glass, ready for you to enjoy.

Creating the Container

The container is made using a technique that could include a process known as Extrusion Blow Molding, where plastic is melted and blown into a mold. This process ensures the container is tough, durable, and can hold liquids safely. To make sure the container fits perfectly every time, it has a unique feature that lines it up correctly during the manufacturing process. The container has a specially designed cap, which is created separately. The cap is important as it controls how the liquid comes in and out of the container. It has two openings, one for letting gas in, and one for letting your drink out. The openings have special valves which can be made from a variety of materials, such as flexible plastics or rubber, and ensure that the gas and liquid only flow when they’re supposed to. The holder, which houses the container, is designed to connect perfectly with it. The holder has a port that connects to a pump. This pump pushes gas into the container, which then pushes the liquid out and into your glass. The holder has a special feature, which could be something like a spring, that ensures the container is always perfectly aligned, preventing any leaks and ensuring the perfect pour every time.

Advanced Container Design

The container’s design is not just practical but also innovative. It’s created using a combination of molding techniques, ensuring it’s top-quality. The cap is a key part of the system as it not only controls the flow of liquid but also ensures the container is always correctly placed. The openings in the cap can accommodate different types of valves, offering flexibility in how the system works. In some cases, the cap and the openings could even be made as one single piece, simplifying the manufacturing process. The holder in the housing is designed to hold the container securely and align it perfectly. It connects to a pump that lets gas into the container, which then pushes out the liquid. The holder also has a special feature that interacts with the alignment feature on the container, ensuring a secure connection and preventing potential leaks.

Beyond Just Dispensing Drinks

But this system isn’t just for pouring drinks. One feature of the system is that it can also add gas to the liquid in the container, making it possible to create fizzy drinks. This versatility means it could be used in a variety of beverage dispensing situations. This new beverage system is a significant leap forward in drink pouring technology. Its unique design and innovative features promise to provide a reliable and high-performing product. With potential uses ranging from homes to commercial settings like cafes or bars, this system is versatile and adaptable. As the beverage industry continues to innovate, this system is leading the charge. While we wait to see it in action, one thing is for sure – the future of beverage pouring is set to be exciting!

A beverage dispensing device and methods for dispensing beverages are provided. In one embodiment, the beverage dispensing device includes a housing, a carbonation assembly, a carriage assembly, and one or more flavorant containers. The beverage dispensing device can also include a controller with a UI to allow a user to customize aspects of a beverage. These customizable aspects can include fluid volume, carbonation level, flavorant type, and/or flavorant amount. Based on the customized aspects of the beverage, the beverage dispensing device can dispense an amount of carbonated or uncarbonated water, and can dispense a type and amount of flavorant. Illustrative embodiments of flavorant containers are also provided.

Source: USPTO


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