VIDEO: China’s Move against patent Subsidies

Video Update to: China’s move to abolish patent subsidies & further regulate abnormal patent filings?

Over the last few years, the international patent community has seen a lot of progress in China’s recognition, respect, and regulation in regards to Intellectual Property Rights. Recently, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) announced that it would be ending patent subsidies and regulating patent applications with stricter measures. This announcement follows the USPTO’s report, “Trademarks and Patents in China: The Impact of Non-Market Factors on Filing Trends and IP Systems.”

In the video above, Patent Attorney Yuri Eliezer discusses CNIPA’s recent announcement and the implications of the new CNIPA patent measures.


0:00 China Ending Patent Subsidies Program
0:17 China’s Current Progress with Intellectual Property Rights
0:49 USPTO Report on Patent and Trademark Filings Made in China
1:59 Measure: Quality vs. Quantity
2:49 Measure: Pending Patent Subsidies
3:11 Measure: Patent Filing Fees
3:36 Measure: Penalties for Abnormal Patent Filings
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