Interesting Patents
TUESDAY, January 25, 2021

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants hundreds of new patents every week, showcasing the most exciting developments in technology and innovation.

In this article, we highlight several interesting US patents recently issued by the USPTO.

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Hybrid electrodynamic levitation system


Discloses is a levitation system utilizing superconductors and magnetic forces to create the levitation. The superconductors are connected to a vehicle on a magnetic track, when energized the vehicle can levitate caused by the change in the magnetic fields as the vehicle moves across the conductor. Innovations like these could lead to the next generation of high-speed rail. Magnetically levitating trains help reduce friction between the trains and the rails, enabling a smoother ride at higher speeds.

In-conversation search


Disclosed is a computer-implemented communication method that when a specific word is identified, triggers a search of the identified word in a search engine. The search results are then provided in the conversation. Such a method can be used for textual or speech-based conversation platforms provided the trigger words can be identified.

Audio-triggered augmented reality eyewear device


This system discloses a method of creating augmented scenes through an eyewear device. The device captures audio and video information from the device and processes the data to identify the augmentations to be made as to the viewer. The augmentations can comprise overlays, prerecorded content, or other augmentations determined to correlate with what is captured by the eyewear device.

Landing and delivery robot


This system couples a delivery robot and a landing robot to enable a comprehensive autonomous package delivery system. While there has been much innovation in unmanned vehicle delivery, utilizing a separate landing and delivery robot is a unique approach to delivering a package where aerial vehicles would not be suitable. The aerial drone communicates with the delivery drone to coordinate a landing spot for the two drones to meet at. The delivery robot can then transport the package from the landing place of the aerial drone to the package’s final destination. Systems like these would greatly expand the areas where unmanned package delivery could be possible. This will be an interesting technology area to monitor because there are likely to be additional innovations as Amazon determines how to implement systems like this for actual use.