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System and Method for a Personalized and Accurate Virtual Make-up Try-on

US PAT. NO. 11,666,119 B2

Invention Overview:

In a world where technology and beauty intersect, a groundbreaking invention has emerged that is set to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. This innovative technology, detailed in a recent US patent publication, offers a personalized and accurate virtual try-on of makeup, addressing the limitations of current virtual makeup applications. The patent, issued to L’OREAL, introduces a system and method that allows users to virtually try on makeup with remarkable accuracy. This technology is a response to the limitations of current virtual makeup applications, which often fail to render color, texture, and shapes accurately on a person’s specific face area like lips or eyelids.

The new technology uses a unique approach to overcome these limitations. It involves a makeup calibration kit that contains a physical calibration cosmetics product. This product is designed to fully characterize cosmetic product color, deviation, transparency, and light effect. The kit also includes a precise applicator that ensures the application of a controlled thickness of the calibration cosmetics product. The process begins with the application of the calibration cosmetics product to the user’s face. The system then captures one or more digital images of the user’s face. These images are analyzed to determine virtual try-on display adjustment information. This information is used to generate virtual try-on display parameters, which modify the digital try-on experience based on the user’s unique skin color and texture.

The system uses an artificial neural network to assess ambient lighting for color correction. This network is pre-trained to provide a modified digital image for different lighting conditions. The system measures the color of each pixel in the images and compares these color values to color reference values in a reference matrix. The system also measures light reflection values, dispersion, transparency, and light effect for the images. The result is a transformation matrix that contains correction information for skin color and texture. This matrix is used to generate instances of a modified virtual try-on experience on a user interface. The system can select a virtual cosmetic product, generate color correction values to adjust the color of the selected virtual cosmetic product, and produce an augmented reality image for a captured digital image using the correction information for color and texture contained in the transformation matrix.

This technology is a game-changer for the cosmetics industry. It offers a truly personalized virtual makeup try-on experience that takes into account a person’s skin color and texture. It also overcomes the limitations of current virtual makeup applications, which often fail to accurately render the appearance of makeup on different skin types and under different lighting conditions. This invention is a testament to the exciting possibilities at the intersection of beauty and technology. It promises to enhance the online shopping experience for cosmetics, making it more personalized, accurate, and enjoyable.

An aspect is a system and method that includes determining virtual try-on display adjustment information responsive to receiving one or more digital images taken upon application of a calibration cosmetics product, generating virtual try-on display parameters for modifying a digital try-on experience based at least in part on the virtual try-on display adjustment information, and generating one or more instances of a modified virtual try-on experience on a user interface based on the virtual try-on display parameters.

Source: USPTO
Interesting Patents L'OREAL Makeup Virtual Try-On
Interesting Patents L'OREAL Makeup Virtual Try-On
Interesting Patents L'OREAL Makeup Virtual Try-On
Interesting Patents L'OREAL Makeup Virtual Try-On
Interesting Patents L'OREAL Makeup Virtual Try-On


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