Interesting Patents
TUESDAY, November 30, 2021

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants hundreds of new patents every week, showcasing the most exciting developments in technology and innovation.

In this article, we highlight several interesting US patents recently issued by the USPTO.

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Directionally-enabled smart shipping labels
International Business Machines (IBM)
US PAT. NO. 11,188,868


The system discloses a label capable of tracking the movement of the package where the label is attached. When the package is moved more than a predefined distance from the delivery location notification is sent to at least one party to alert them the package may have been stolen.

Calculating an expertise score from aggregated employee data
US Pat. No. 11,188,864


A method for analyzing a request for a subject matter expert and determining employees that would best fit the requested role. By analyzing employee records and other data, employees are recommended via the display.

Vehicle dispatch system, vehicle dispatch apparatus used for the same, and vehicle dispatch method


A network for automated vehicles. The system determines how the vehicles should be dispatched based on requests from mobile terminals. Once the system relays instructions to the autonomous vehicle, the vehicle remains in wireless communication with the system while completing the dispatch.

Rotationally symmetric speaker array


A speaker array that utilizes the shape of the speaker cabinet to ensure even acoustic projection. The transducers are placed according to a logarithmic scale to enable denser transducer spacing without interfering with the projection of lower frequency signals.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication using drones focusing antenna beams


A drone system for vehicles when they are out of range of traditional wireless communication systems. The drones assist in focusing the wireless signal to the vehicles to communicate with the network adequately.

Intelligent people-group cataloging based on relationships


A method for organizing groups of people from a plurality of photos. The system identifies the important individuals, relationships, and similarities of people in the photos. The system then clusters the photos based on the identified parameters.