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Descriptive Media Content Search

US PAT. APPL. NO. 17/993720

Invention Overview:

In the ever-evolving world of digital media, a groundbreaking invention has emerged that is set to revolutionize the way we consume media content. This innovative system, as detailed in a recently published US patent application assigned to Spotify, is designed to enhance user experience by delivering personalized and contextually relevant media content. The invention, a sophisticated media content delivery system, is a game-changer in the realm of digital media. It introduces a novel way of managing and delivering media content, such as music or videos, to a user’s media playback device. This is not just a simple media player; it’s an intelligent, interactive, and intuitive platform that understands and caters to the user’s preferences.

One of the standout features described is the voice interaction capabilities. In an era where voice-activated technology is becoming increasingly popular, this technology is right on trend. The voice interaction engine within the media playback device works in conjunction with a voice interaction server to identify the user’s intent from their voice input. This means users can interact using voice commands, making it more convenient and user-friendly. This feature alone sets the invention apart, positioning it as a leader in the realm of voice-activated media systems. The system also includes a media content search server that processes user queries to identify relevant media content. This server uses a unique method of identifying descriptive terms associated with candidate media content items. These descriptive terms are then used to perform a descriptive search for media content based on the user’s query. This advanced search functionality ensures that users are always presented with the most relevant and engaging content.

Another exciting aspect of this invention is its ability to generate playlists. These playlists can be user-created or automatically generated by the system. The playlists include a title, a descriptive text, and a list of media content item identifications. The descriptive text can be provided by the user, a media content provider, or automatically generated from various sources such as expert opinions, user reviews, statistics, and more. This feature adds a layer of personalization to the system, allowing users to curate their media experience to their liking. The invention also introduces a unique method of scoring and ranking media content items. This method involves calculating a composite score that represents all the scores associated with a media content item. This score can be used to rank the media content items, making it easier for users to find the most relevant and high-quality content. This feature ensures that users are always presented with the best content, enhancing their overall media consumption experience.

In summary, this patent presents a revolutionary approach to media content delivery. By integrating voice interaction capabilities, sophisticated search algorithms, and personalized playlist generation, it offers a highly interactive and personalized user experience. This invention has the potential to transform the way we consume media content, making it more engaging and enjoyable for all users. With its advanced features and user-centric design, this system is set to redefine the digital media landscape. So, whether you’re a music enthusiast, a movie buff, or a podcast lover, get ready for a media experience like no other.

A descriptive media content search solution is provided to allow a user to search for media content that better matches a user’s descriptive search request. The descriptive media content search solution utilizes an extensive catalog of playlists each having a playlist description, such as a playlist title or other descriptive text, and identifies additional descriptive information for media content items to be searched. The descriptive media content search solution can set up a descriptive search database and utilize the descriptive search database to conduct a descriptive search responsive to the user’s descriptive search request.

Source: USPTO
Spotify descriptive media content search patent application art


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