Founders Legal® & PQAI℠ – improving access to patent search

Founders Legal®, a boutique Corporate & Intellectual Property law firm, has teamed up with the PQAI℠ initiative to launch a free patent search tool.

This tool is both powerful and precise, making it an effective resource for individual inventors, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized businesses.” — Yuri Eliezer


ATLANTA, GEROGIA, UNITED STATES, December 16, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an initiative to make high-quality patent search results more accessible than ever, Founders Legal®, a tech-focused boutique Corporate & Intellectual Property law firm, has teamed up with the PQAI℠ initiative to launch a powerful, uncomplicated, and free patent search tool.

This free open source patent search tool, which can be accessed at www.founderslegal.com/PQAI-free-patent-search, utilizes a combination of industry-leading patent professional insight, AI technology, a database of 11 million US patents and published patent applications, and nearly 11.5 million research papers to provide users with custom, high-quality prior-art search reports. Inventors, innovators, patent portfolio managers, and enterprises of all sizes can access the tool at no cost to conduct their own prior-art searches. Furthermore, the tool narrows the scope of the results to the closest, most relevant prior-art findings, and then presents these results in an unique format which minimizes the user’s time investment in the search process.

Sam Zellner, Cofounder and CEO of InspireiP, is leading this industry consortium whose members include:  AT&T, United States Intellectual Property Alliance, Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance, Center for AI and Patent Analysis at Carnegie Mellon University, Founders Legal, along with many others in the IP ecosystem. Zellner describes the goal of PQAI℠ (Patent Quality through Artificial Intelligence℠) as a means to accelerate the pace of innovation by improving the quality of, and access to, AI based innovation tools through an Open Source strategy.

“PQAI is much more than just an AI based search engine.” Zellner stated. “We see it as a group of like-minded individuals who believe AI can revolutionize day to day IP operations. We intend to take technical challenges hindering the implementation of AI based systems head-on. It’s time we start imagining the use of AI in collaboration with every stakeholder working in the IP value chain. Be it an inventor, researcher, developer, examiner, attorney – everyone can benefit from technology powered by AI. ”

Al Etheridge, Director of Patent Search at Founders Legal®, collaborated with Zellner and the team as an expert technical advisor during the development process. “PQAI enables businesses and inventors to quickly and easily learn about the technology space around their invention,” Etheridge shared. “These inputs are essential to driving IP and commercialization strategy around emerging ideas.”

Prior-art searches, although often overlooked, play a crucial role in the patent system as they can help inventors determine if a claimed invention is inventive and novel, the criteria for patentability. Understanding that patent rejection statistics show a higher probability of patents failing at the patent office than succeeding, Founders Legal® and PQAI’s online prior-art search tool aim to help inventors access high-quality prior-art search results quickly, efficiently, and at no cost.

“Improvement in patent quality leads to more valid patents, harder to challenge patents, reduces USPTO backlog, and reduces economic waste in the industry,” notes Yuri Eliezer, Patent Attorney and chair of the IP Practice Group at Founders Legal. “Inventors and Applicants need a patent examination process they can rely on. This tool is both powerful and precise, making it an effective resource for individual inventors, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized businesses who often have a lot at stake when investing in the patent system.”

The firm’s collaboration with PQAI is one of many ways that the Founders Legal® Intellectual Property group continues to advocate for the IP Rights of small and medium technology enterprises within the US patent system.

Click here to access the PQAI prior art search tool and receive your free online patent search in a matter of seconds.

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