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Furniture With Anti-tipping Support Hinge

ASSIGNEE: Thoughtful Furniture Company, LLC
US PAT. NO. 11,684,157 B1

Invention Overview:

In a world where innovation is key, a new invention has emerged that aims to enhance the safety of furniture use, particularly in households with toddlers. This invention, a support hinge for furniture, is designed to prevent furniture from tipping over, a common accident that can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. The support hinge, a product of meticulous engineering, is attached to the underside of the bottom drawer of a piece of furniture. It is designed to open rearward to an angle of greater than 90 degrees relative to the mounting plate. This unique feature allows the support plate to contact the underside of the bottom drawer when in the open state, providing additional stability to the furniture.

The hinge mechanism, a critical component of the support hinge, is designed to enable the support plate to open to an angle of about 100 degrees relative to the mounting plate. This specific angle was chosen to ensure optimal support and stability. The hinge mechanism includes a cylinder that is partly retained by both the mounting plate and the support plate. It also includes at least one spring with a coiled part around the cylinder and a pair of legs. One leg exerts pressure against the mounting plate, and the other exerts pressure against the support plate, creating a balance that enhances the stability of the furniture. The support hinge is designed to be versatile and can be used with any piece of furniture that has a bottom drawer. The hinge is positioned close to the front panel of the drawer, ensuring that it is not trapped inside the frame of the furniture, which could hinder its functionality. As the drawer is slid out of the frame, the springs cause the support plate to move away from the mounting plate, opening in a rearward direction. This movement results in the support plate being moved to a fully open position, functioning like a post and providing an additional support point for the furniture.

One of the most innovative aspects of this invention is its anti-tipping mechanism. When the support plate is in its fully open position, it creates a positive stop, preventing it from opening any further. This feature prevents the furniture from tipping over, reducing the risk of injury. The support plate does not contact the floor or horizontal substrate under the furniture. Instead, there is a gap of about 0.5 inches, limiting the tilting of the furniture to this distance. The support hinge can be added to the furniture after purchase or incorporated into new furniture. For wider drawers, two or more support hinges can be positioned to stabilize the drawer, preventing it from being cocked to one side or the other should a toddler climb in. The support hinges can be optionally removed once the toddler has grown up, but their presence does not drastically affect the use of the furniture and can be maintained without impact.

In conclusion, this new invention is a game-changer in furniture safety. By preventing furniture from tipping over, it reduces the risk of accidents, making homes safer, especially for households with toddlers. The support hinge is a testament to the power of innovation in enhancing safety and improving lives.

Support hinge for a piece of furniture includes a mounting plate attachable to an underside of a bottom drawer of the piece of furniture, and a support plate hingedly connected to the mounting plate to enable the support plate to open rearward to an angle of greater than 90 degrees relative to the mounting plate. The support plate is biased into the open state and includes a drawer support portion that preferably contacts the underside of the bottom drawer when the support plate is in the open state. When the bottom drawer is open, the support plate is just above the floor below the piece of furniture and when a weight-derived force is exerted against the bottom drawer, the support plate is moved against the floor and in such a position, acts as a post to prevent forward tipping of the furniture beyond a nominal amount.

Source: USPTO
Interesting Patents Furniture With Anti-tipping Support Hinge
Interesting Patents Furniture With Anti-tipping Support Hinge
Interesting Patents Furniture With Anti-tipping Support Hinge
Interesting Patents Furniture With Anti-tipping Support Hinge


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