Interesting Patents: NASA

23 Feb: Interesting Patents: NASA Patents New Method of Propulsion

NASA was issued a patent for a new method of propulsion this week. This method is for vacuum arc thrusters for spacecraft, and propulsion systems including the same. This vacuum arc thruster (VAT) involves using anode and a cathode producing a high voltage arc capable of creating plasma. This plasma is then focused and directed out of a nozzle to create thrust through the use of magnetic fields. The cathode of the device is consumed as fuel as the propulsion device operates.

BLOG Service Level Agreements

26 Jan: Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – Setting Expectations with your Vendor

An SLA is a document accompanying a technology or vendor agreement that defines the service expectations for the offering. The SLA may contain provisions on product and service support, response times, uptime guarantees, and system availability during scheduled maintenance or upgrading (if applicable). Paired with these expectations are provisions detailing what happens in the event a service level is not met. For example, a customer may be entitled to service credits or other remedies if there is an outage lasting longer than what is permissible under the SLA.