Intellectual Property: What is Patent Search?

A Patent Search is a search of the United States Patents and Publications (USPP) database to see if there are any Patents or Patents Pending disclosing something similar to your invention. There are two types of searches; keyword searches and a class/art unit search done within the USPP Database. Unlike most Patent Search providers who have ‘professionals’ conduct mere plain language searches, SmartUp® has licensed Patent Attorneys conduct both of these search types.

If you are interested in more detail related to your situation it is best to speak with an attorney.

Yuri Eliezer heads the intellectual property practice group at Founders Legal. As an entrepreneur who saw the importance of early-stage patent protection, Yuri founded SmartUp®. Clients he has served include Microsoft, Cisco, Cox, AT&T, General Electric, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Coca-Cola.

Source: Smartup Legal

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